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To Be Lean, Eat Protein

As to which food group does the body need most and which is the healthiest is a query that will solicit arguments, debates and extreme opinions. The answer is relative. It really depends on the nutritional demands of the body at a certain stage of development. Among the different food groups, protein is a common ingredient found in almost all dishes.

It has its share of controversy though. Some say that it must be taken in minimal amounts due to its effects on the liver. It is difficult to digest and takes time to be absorbed by the body. On the other hand, it is considered as the power food for muscle building and increased strength. When one is recuperating from an ailment, this food type comes highly recommended for a speedy recovery.

Take this food type to lose some unwanted pounds. One does not get hungry easily because it keeps one full longer. It is needed for the development of lean muscles and a toned physique.

It can be found in lean meats of chicken, pork, turkey and beef. Eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, oats and nuts are also good sources of this complex natural compound along with broccoli, lentils and brussel sprouts. Added to the list are shrimp and fish.

These sources also contain other nutrients like vitamin C, fiber, magnesium, Vitamin B and selenium. They also serve as antioxidants and nourishment for the brain. Peanuts are popularly known as food-for-the-brain.

Although people are ruled by their taste, choosing which food to govern his plate must be based on facts and values. Some believe that a vegetable-filled plate is the best with fruits on the side, while others say carbohydrate meals are supreme for energy needed for daily grinds with slices of meats and nuts for desserts. No matter what one eats, it will be displayed on his body and well-being.