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5 Healthy Carbohydrates To Boost Your Workouts

Not all carbohydrates are bad, in fact, healthy carbs give your body the energy that it needs to fuel your workouts, get through the day and focus your mind on the task at hand. Here are 5 healthy carbs and how you can work them into your day…

Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole wheat pasta is often overlooked in the supermarket because it does have a different taste than the typical pasta that you may be used to. However, once sauce is added, most people cannot tell the difference. The more ingredients you add, the less you will taste the whole wheat flavor. Try pairing it with chicken, fresh tomato and light mozzarella.

Whole Wheat Bread Slices

Whole wheat bread is a good carbohydrate because it makes your body work harder during the digestion process. This means that you will burn more calories throughout the day. When possible, replace white bread with whole wheat to see a dip in the scale.

Apples and Bananas

Apples and bananas taste great together and both contain healthy carbohydrates. Pair them with peanut butter or drizzle them with raw honey for a healthy snack pre-workout.


Mixed berries have plenty of healthy carbohydrates to help boost energy levels. Frozen berries drizzled in honey are a great way to cool off at the gym, while fresh berries and whipped cream make for a great snack to help tide you over until dinner time.


Flaxseed contains ample amounts of protein, carbs and healthy fats, all components that your muscles need to grow. Sprinkle it on any dish that could benefit from a nutty flavor.

Cutting all carbs from your diets make it hard to get through the day. Add healthy carbohydrates to your day to go harder in the gym and see better results long term.